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    Commercial Maintenance Inspection

    Whether you own the building/property or you are leasing it, maintenance always needs to be done.  Unfortunately smaller companies or offices tend not to budget for maintenance, or allow too little resources to handle what needs to be done. 


    Many believe a maintenance program is:

    • Too expensive

    • Time consuming

    • Not the kind of work their staff does.

    • The landlords problem


    This leads to “I’ll fix it when (IF) it breaks”.  When this approach is taken a few things are happening at the same time:


    • Things are breaking! (whether you can see them or not)

    • Your employees see the problems

    • Your customers see the problems

    • One broken issue is leading to other unnecessary damage

    • The possibility for repair may be gone by the time the problem is found

    • Replacement costs are going up every day

      • Repair costs are usually less expensive


    What a Commercial Maintenance inspection gives you:

    • An unbiased report on the condition of the property

    • A better understanding of each system

    • Identify

      • Major issues that should be addressed soon

      • Maintenance issues that need to be performed or watched

      • Repair items that should be planned / budgeted for

    • Recommendations:

      • on how to get items fixed

      • what you can do yourself

      • who to reach out to for repair

    • What is working well